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    Recruitment information


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    Recruitment information

    Post by Chunder on Mon Dec 04, 2017 8:37 pm

    Do you love World of Warships? Enjoy PvP, PvE and Operations? Are you a sociable team player with a sense of humour? Clan PORT is recruiting now.

    Who we are:

    PORT is a clan for players of all game modes on the EU server. We have about 30 active members with spaces available for up to 40 at the current time. We enjoy playing in division and are especially keen on improving our PvP play and taking part in the next season of clan battles. We play Random battles, Operations & Co-op battles and we are particularly interested in players who like to play all three modes. We have a mix of members from many different countries, with ages ranging from 19 to 60+! We are building a group of friendly, like-minded people who play WoWs for fun and self-improvement

    What we offer:

    A friendly international atmosphere.
    A full set of in-game clan bonuses.
    Division play in any game mode.
    The chance to improve your play and help others improve theirs.
    Clan discord channel.
    Clan forum.
    Internal contests and events.

    Who we are looking for:

    Active players (minimum 90 battles per month) who enjoy all game modes
    You must be at least 18 years of age
    You should have at least one tier 8 tech tree ship
    You need to be able to speak and write (more or less) in English
    You will need a headset and be willing to use Discord for PvP battles & Operations
    You will need a sense of humour
    You will need to be sociable and communicative

    These requirements should serve as a rough guide. There are no hard minimums. Every application will be considered on an individual basis.

    Other opportunities:

    We are also interested in the possibility of merging with other clans. If you are in a smaller clan, with similar aims and outlook to our own and are interested in the possibility of discussing such a merge, then please get in touch.

    To apply please feel free to get in contact in-game with any of our officers:

    Architekton (Commander)
    Smeggo (Deputy Commander)
    VonBroich (Deputy Commander)
    Admiral_Chunder (Chief Cook & Deck Mopper)

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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